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Peparing for the  forthcoming Fashion Extravaganza at the INEC  were front from left, Carrie Clifford, Karen Healy, Helena Ferris, Madeline Griffin and Paula McCarthy. second row from left are Therese Ferris, Tara O'Leary, Hermione Wynne-Morgan, Erika Mockeviciute, Sheila Kearney,Antoinette Curtin and  Christina Murphy. Third row from left are Esther Marshall, Patricia O'Keeffe, Mercy Kudakwashe, Helena Hanbidge,Annette Siedlecka, Julianne Forde and Susan Garrigan. Back from left are Muireann Quane, Joanne MCcarthy, Sinead Lynch, Denise Healy, Nicola Brennan and Miriam O'Mahony.<br />
Picture: Eamonn Keogh (MacMonagle, Killarney)Killarney Now & Then - MacMONAGLE photo archives.<br />
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