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An Historic Passion Pageant, re-enacting Jesus Christ as he carries his Cross makes its way through the streets of Killarney, County Kerry in 1988.  The event was organised and led by Supreme Knight of Innisfallen Mike Mulcahy and featured Rev Brian Lougheed who was Church of Ireland Rector in Killarney portraying the role of Jesus Christ, true Christian ecumenism. Other local people who took part included (but not limited to)  Bank of Ireland Manager Michael O'Connor, Paddy Casey, Veronica Duggan, Mary Casey, Mary O'Sullivan, Paddy Coleman, Terence McGough, Vince Counihan, Tim Hickey, Mike Sexton, Jim Cremin, Don Long, Mike O'Shea and Dermot Kerrisk. The pageant took place for three years starting at The Cathedral and finishing with the 'crucifixion' in The Friary. The pubs were not allowed serve alcohol, Plunkett Street was two way traffic and The Killarney Outlet Centre had not been built yet.<br />
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